2-daagse/2-day workshop Nonviolent Struggle in Overcoming the Effects of Abuse: Non Violent Resistance as Trauma Therapy

De School voor systemische opleidingen organiseert op 26 - 27 maart 2018 in samenwerking met dr. Peter Jakob een tweedaagse workshop Nonviolent Struggle in Overcoming the Effects of Abuse: Non Violent Resistance as Trauma Therapy

On 26 - 27 March 2018 the School for systemic training organises a 2-day workshop Nonviolent Struggle in Overcoming the Effects of Abuse: Non Violent Resistance as Trauma Therapy by Dr. Peter Jakob.

Docent / Presenter

Dr Peter Jakob
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

With a background in social work, Peter has worked as Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist in both CAMHS and Adult Mental Health for going on 35 years, specialising in children and families involved with child protective services. He has in-depth knowledge of treating trauma as the after-effect of childhood sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence, physical abuse, neglect and domestic violence, as well as extensive experience in providing therapy for parents’ mental health problems.

Peter has introduced Non Violent Resistance to the UK. He has adapted the approach for heavily traumatised, multi-stressed families, and his work with looked-after children has inspired him to develop a child focus in NVR. Peter is a prolific national and international presenter.

Aiming to develop collaborative working relationships in which dialogue can flourish and service users’ experience and perspectives are centred in conversation, Peter considers social awareness as a cornerstone of engaged therapeutic practice.

Inhoud / Content

This workshop will introduce practitioners of Non Violent Resistance and New Authority, professionals working with traumatised clients, and psychotherapists to a new way of understanding the recovery from trauma: as a heroic struggle that rebalances power between the instigator and the recipient of abuse. There have been tremendous advances in working on a neuro-psychological level, but trauma is not only located in the individual body-mind, it also manifests itself in relationships between people. The family and the larger system of which the family is a part can be an arena, in which trauma is cascaded, or it become a recovery environment.

In this workshop, Peter Jakob will present his understanding of how nonviolent struggle can lay the groundwork for recovery from trauma, and introduce participants to some of the methods that can help facilitate this process. The presentation will move through different frames of reference, from understanding the service user as a diagnosable patient who has been harmed, to developing stories of survivorhood, and finally engaging the person to become the author of their own heroic resistance narrative. Many case examples will illustrate this therapeutic approach, and participants will have the opportunity to practice and experience some of its key methods in role play.

Praktische informatie / Practical information

Locatie: Schoolpad 7, 6241 CK Bunde, The Netherlands
Datum: 26 - 27 maart, 2018
Tijd: 10:00 tot 17:30


Deelname aan de workshop kost € 320 (incl. reader en lunch), over te maken naar bankrekeningnummer: NL 93 ABNA 0438168062 t.n.v. School voor Systemische Opleidingen te Bunde


Deze workshop is door de NVRG geaccrediteerd met 12 punten. Accreditatie bij het SKJ kan worden aangevraagd als dit voor deelnemers wenselijk is.

Location: Schoolpad 7, 6241 CK Bunde, The Netherlands
Date: 26-27 March
Time: 10:00am to 17:30pm


The workshop will cost € 320 (including reader and lunch), to be transferred to bank account
IBAN NL 93 ABNA 0438168062 / BIC: ABNANL2A
attn. School voor systemische opleidingen
Bunde, The Netherlands

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Mariëlle Gelissen
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School voor systemische opleidingen

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