Handbook Narrative Psychotherapy for Children, Adults and Families


De vertaling van het Handboek Narratieve psychotherapie is inmiddels gepubliceerd onder de titel Handbook Narrative Psychotherapy for Children, Adults and Families. De Engelse vertaling is verzorgd door Drs. Beverley Jackson (http://www.jacksonacademic.nl/), in samenwerking met Gertha Sijbers en in nauw conclaaf met Jan Olthof.


The translation into English of the Handbook Narrative Psychotherapy for Children, Adults and Families has been published and is now available. The English translation was performed by Beverley Jackson (http://www.jacksonacademic.nl/), in cooperation with Gertha Sijbers and in close consultation with Jan Olthof.


In this handbook Jan Olthof combines philosophical, scientific and theoretical insights in the field of narrative psychotherapy and links them to sources of inspiration such as poetry, film, literature and art under the common denominator ‘narrative thinking’.
Elaborate theoretical sections are alternated with case histories taken from several different therapeutic contexts. The reader will be able to wander through the many examples of therapeutic sessions, even literal transcriptions of an intervention, in which narrativity in all its forms is the point of departure. What language does the body speak? What message do seemingly random slips of the tongue convey? How can a painting give words to the story of a client? The concept of the logic of abduction is discussed and special attention is rendered to the
aspects of creating a therapeutic context and the making of a therapeutic frame. The diversity of insights in this book will be of interest to the experienced psychotherapist as well as the starting therapist, who may be inspired by the practical sections.